- Hat tip to Bret Fisher for the awesome tip(s)!

I love working in the shell. With that said, less typing === happier hands + time saved, which in turn === a happier developer!

Here are just a few example aliases to make working with Docker easier and faster (you can view more via Bret Fisher's newsletter, which is linked above):

alias dcu=‘docker-compose up’

alias dcd='docker-compose down’

alias dcr='docker-compose run’

Now running docker-compose up is as simple as typing dcu in your terminal window. Pretty sweet, right?

Here are some more aliases to get you started:

 alias dps='docker ps'

 alias di='docker images'
 alias dr='docker run' // + <containerName>
 alias de='docker exec -it' // + <containerId> sh
 alias ins='docker inspect' // + <containerId>
 alias ds='docker stop' // + <containerId>

The possibilities appear to be endless!

Happy Coding 🌞

Photo by Juliette Tworsey