I've been spending quite a bit of time studying the concepts of Kubernetes and container orchestration lately, which means that I have been spending a lot of time typing out various commands in the terminal. One thing that is helping me along on my journey is the use of aliases.

Here are some of the aliases that I have been using to save time:

     alias kb=kubectl 

     alias kbgs="kubectl get secrets"

     alias kbgs="kubectl get services"

     alias kbcs="kubectl create service"

     alias kbe="kubectl edit"

     alias kbgp="kubectl get pods"

     alias kbdp="kubectl describe pod"
     alias kbdn="kubectl describe node"

     alias kbdd="kubectl describe deployment"

     alias kbep="kubectl edit pod"

     alias kbc="kubectl create -f"
     alias kbgn="kubectl get nodes"

     alias kbgn="kubectl get namespaces"

     alias kbgpan="kubectl get pods --all-namespaces"

     alias cl=clear

     alias kbcn="kubectl create --namespace=X"

     alias kba="kubectl apply -f"

     alias kbc="kubectl create -f"

     alias kbd="kubectl delete"  

     alias kbed="kubectl edit deployment"

     alias kbsd="kb scale deployment"

     alias kbcdy="kubectl create deployment"

     alias kbl="kubectl logs -f"

     alias kbt="kubectl top"

     alias kbgd="kubectl get deployments"

     alias kbgj="kubectl get jobs"

     alias kbdj="kubectl delete job"

     alias kbgc="kubectl get cronjob"

     alias kbdc="kubectl delete cronjob"

     alias kbgi="kubectl get ingress"

     alias kbdi="kubectl describe ingress"

     alias kbgnp="kubectl get networkpolicy"

     alias kbdnp="kubectl describe networkpolicy"

     alias kbgpv="kubectl get persistentvolume"

     alias kbgpvc="kubectl get persistentvolumeclaim myclaim"

     alias kbdpvc="kubectl delete persistentvolumeclaim myclaim"

As always, the possibilities are endless!!

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